Friday, January 18, 2008

Spice Up Your Life!

Somebody pinch me! Was I really really there? Yes, I really really was, and it was really really brilliant too!

What am I on about? The Spice Girls of course! I travelled down to London on Tuesday evening and spent a very pleasant evening with my son, with whom I went to stay. He is 25 tomorrow, how my baby came to be 25 is a mystery to me, I simply do not know where time has gone. Twenty five years ago I was 26, in another twenty five years I shall be 76 which simply does not bear thinking about. I'm still only 27 in my head though and I hope I always will be!

I had a lot to do in London. Wednesday morning saw me in Knightsbridge sorting out the visas for our Egypt holiday next month. I had three hours to spare in between handing in the forms and passports and collecting them. It was a little trip down memory lane. My Auntie Bea ( who incidentally is 97 tomorrow too ) used to work in Harrods and I used to spend a lot of time there when I was younger. I had a lovely mooch round, and just HAD to visit the luxury loos, and then I went bargain hunting.

This is my first bargain - this lovely coat from Laura Ashley which was £33:00 reduced from £110:00. I love it! It's not the best picture in the world, the light being what it is, but it's 3/4 length and as warm as toast.

And then there's this fabulous Kipling bag and purse half price in the Kipling shop! How I didn't buy two I shall never know, I have spent my Christmas money on my coat, bag and purse and am chuffed to bits with them.

I met DS at the O2 at around 6:00 pm and we went for a meal at the Sausage and Mash cafe there, sat outside under a patio heater with a nice glass ( or two ) of wine. Then time to go in - oh how fab were those Spice Girls? people ask me how I can go and see Queen and The Who and the like and still like pop. I am lucky I suppose to have an eclectic taste in music, I can listen to ( almost ) anything, and back in the 70's was as happy to listen to Mud or Slade as I was to listen to Yes or Zepellin.

I can't tell you how fantastic they were though, and the dancers, well, such vitality and energy.

And as if that's not enough excitement yesterday I went to see Hairspray. Oh my oh my, how much fun is that show? It is a rare occasion when a theatre audience stands as one at the end of a show, but let me tell you this show is two and a half hours of pure magic. The sight of Michael Ball and Mel Smith sharing an intimate moment on stage will live with me for a very long time! Oh and Noo, if you are reading this, I took myself to Savoir Faire for a pre-theatre lunch and lovely it was too.

And finally - a Forest Canopy! Begun in November as a Christmas knit but postponed when I hurt my wrist, I shall pack this away carefully for SIL for Christmas 2008. I finished it on Monday evening and it's been blocking while I was away.

Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl

Yarn: Fyberspates Silk/Alpaca

Needles: 4mm Pony Straights

The light is dreadful, but I am sure you get the idea. There are four extra pattern repeats and could possibly have managed another. You live and learn though, and if I were to use this yarn again I would bind off with a larger needle, the yarn is 90% silk and 10% alpaca so doesn't lend itself to blocking easily.

And finally - Happy Birthday for tomorrow Rob. I have no idea where the years have gone, I am more proud of you than you will never know, and I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!


Piglottie said...

Crikey Aknita, you do lead a busy life :) Sounds like you had a great time. And I love your latest FCS.

Aknita said...

I know Piglottie! I'm tired today too, but in a very good way iyswim. I was getting a bit melancholy with all this dull dreary weather, but my trip has really lifted the spirits.

Auntie Noo said...

Whoa!!! Michael Ball to the Spice Girls, what a day! the FCS is beautiful.

Linda said...

You sound like you had a brilliant time. It cheered me up just reading about it. :0)

I love your FCS - the colours are beautiful. And well done on finding the bargains - the coat is lovely and I just love Kipling bags. I think I have that same purse in denim blue ;0)

Sandra said...

Sounds as if you had a really lovely time, and bargains as well! Your FCS is lovely too.

gilraen said...

I love to live vicariously through your adventures!! You live like a 20+ year old Joy and long may that continue :)

Thank you for sharing and I too love your bargains, you will look so smart in them :)

Happy birthday Rob, albeit belatedly :)

Queen of the froggers said...

That sounds like lots of lovely stuff to spice up your life! What a great time to have.

Hawkesley said...

Wow, it sounds like you had such a fab time in London. I've really enjoyed reading all about it. And I'm soooooo jealous of your bargain Kipling bag and purse. I love Kipling bags!!! I really should make the effort to go to London in January just so I can go to the Kipling sale. Did they have lots of bargains??