Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amy Butler and Other Stories

Another FCS - yes I know, it's getting boring now and I'm sorry. There are two more to come at some stage, one of which I have promised to knit, one perhaps for me, and then that will be it.

This one I knitted for Binty, a cyberfriend from Crafty Threads and Yarns. It was her reward for completing this year's Race for Life. It was knitted using Lochan yarn from the Yarn Yard in a colourway purchased at Woolfest. I used 4.5mm needles, there are two extra pattern repeats.

I'd like to indroduce you to a relatively new dyer. I am also delighted to say that having purchased this yarn at my LYS, I have subsequently met the dyer at my Knit and Natter group. The Yarn is Sweet Feet from Artist's Palette Yarns and is a supersash Merino/Bamboo mix. It's lovely stuff :-)

Co-incidentally I am going on dying workshop this coming Saturday run by Jeni from Fyberspates which is where Artist's Palette started earlier this year. Watch this space..............

I spent a lovely evening on Monday in the company of, amongst others, Amy Butler who was giving a talk at local hotel.

Amy shared with us, by Powerpoint, a snapshot of her life - from her influences as a child, at art school, her home life, her passion for creativity and design shone through, and although I don't sew I left feeling so enthused by her passion for colour.

She is a wonderful photographer who photographs anything and everything, from cows to flowers and having spent some time in the UK last month too there were some fabulous photos of National Trust gardens. I will never be afraid of colour again! Nature does incredible things with colour - leaves aren't green without good reason.

Amy sat afterwards tirelessly chatting to us all and signing endless autographs and was very generous with her time. She appeared charming, and quite simply a lovely person. A wonderful evening - and a bargainous £5:00 at that.

And finally - I have the lurgy. The unthinkable has happened and I have had two nights off sick. Considered opinion was that my voice was so husky it was more suited to answering the phone to one of those phone lines as opposed to an OHH GP service ;-)

I have had quite a formiddable temperature too and a hell of a painful throat. So if you are going to Get Knitted on Saturday, I promise not to breathe on you!


Auntie Noo said...

Oh Joy I do hope you're a bit better for meeting all the CTnY'ers on Saturday. That FCS is truly beautiful, you are an angel x

juliet said...

Thankyou for you lovely comments, Joy. It was good to meet you at the k&n. Might get some competition after this weekend then! Have a lovely day-I hope you're feeling better and Jeni isn't too jetlagged!

PS, I must be the only knitter left who hasn't done a FCS, but after seeing your pics, I want to join the club! (goes off to ferret through stash)

LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

joy i will never get bored seeing your fcs' because they are all different but equally gorgeous!

i'm in love with the bamboo <3 the colours are stunning...another yarn to add to the list (can you knit me a couple of tenners?)lol

Hope you're feeling better soon {{{{hugs}}}}xxx take care now.