Friday, July 27, 2007


Le Canapé est finis! I am so sorry, it's actually been finished since Sunday and blocked since Tuesday, but this has been a particularly busy week for me, and what with work and Harry Potter I have not found time for my blog. I have been woken by sunshine streaming through the windows, an unusual phenomenon these last few days, I SHOULD be ironing but I'm blogging.

I LOVE blocking! I've been knitting on and off for years, but have only just discovered it. It's quite magical.

From this

To this

And this

And finally this!

Forest Canopy

Yarn: Yarn Yard Sock yarn

Needles: # 6 Millwards

Modifictions: Three extra pattern repeats

I have had great fun being part of the Tour de France KAL , sadly The Tour this year has had more twists and turns than a Dan Brown novel. When will sportsmen and women realise that in the end cheats do not prosper and they WILL be found out? It is so sad. I am particularly sorry for Bradley Wiggins who has done nothing wrong other than be in the wrong team.

I am sticking with The Tour ( and the KAL ) and hopefully by Sunday I shall have a completed UFO to show you!

And finally - and this message is not directed at those lovely people who read and comment on my blog - if you don't like what I write, don't visit!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Entente Cordiale

Entente Cordiale
Peace has broken out chez Aknita, I have completed 3 extra pattern repeats and now have "just" the bottom edge and the bind off rows to do. Mr A and I are speaking again, my foot is getting better and hopefully there will be a pre-blocking photo for you tomorrow.
The last 2 Tour days have been very exciting. Didn't that sea sparkle yesterday. Looking forward to today too.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Stage Eight: Le Grand-Bornand - Tignes

You've guessed it, I am tinking again! Lifeline? Moi? Mais non mes amis, je n'avez pas un Lifeline. And what do I advise anyone when knitting lace? Oh yes, that's it - use a lifeline!
"I'm counting" are the two most feared words in the Aknita household.

I may only be knitting along with these cyclists but by God I feel their pain! There will be SERIOUS REPURCUSSIONS chez Aknita should I have to tink one more row! I am bad tempered and nowty, and poor Mr A is a quivering wreck!

I don't understand why I keep on getting row 3 wrong. This isn't my first FC, but I am making very heavy weather of it at the moment! I really hate it when my knitting goes to pot!

I have to admit to an injury too - I was so nowty when I left for work that I attempted to slam the front door - only to find I had left my foot in the way.
Perhaps I too should have a rest day today too along with the rest of the pelaton! And follow my own advice and use a lifeline!

Conratulations to those who stayed the course yesterday, and commiserations to those who didin't! And well done too to Rasmusson on the chicken run, and well done to Christina who can really pick a winner.

It's such great fun taking part in the Tour de France KAL what I really like is that we are all doing our own "thing" and not all knitting the same thing at the same time. Each to their own strengths. A bit like the riders - some climbers, some sprinters and some good all-rounders, and it's great seeing everyones progress photos. What I've not been good at though is visiting blogs, so I shall remedy that very soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stage 6: Semur-en-Auxois - Bourg-en-Bresse

Poor Bradley Wiggins - how must it have felt to look over his shoulder and see the pelaton aproaching and getting nearer and nearer. When I started watching yesterday he was some seventeen minutes ahead - and he finished last!

At one point I remember wondering whether the pelaton would catch him at all, but they gradually pegged him back and the chase had an air of invariability about it. The hare and the tortoise all right. The question is, was he very brave or remarkably foolish? Today will tell I think, but it takes courage of a sort to ride the way he did yesterday.

Stage 7 today will sort the men from the boys methinks. Will Mark Cavendish have his day of glory? Bourg-en-Bresse - Le Grand Bornand is 197.5 km and the going for some will get tough.

I know how they feel. It has been a manic busy week, culminating in an unsuccessful job interview. Not to worry - at least there has been some progress with my Canapé. Nine and half pattern repeats completed now, but could someone please explain to me why I still have as much yarn left as when I started. I just don't understand. I am so enjoying the Tour de France KAL as it has rekindled my interest in the Tour - I haven't enjoyed a Tour so much for years.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crash Bang Wallop

Forest Canapé

At last I am up and running with my knitting. As I said yesterday, for the duration of Le Tour the Forest Canopy Shawl has been renamed Forest Canapé. Knitting with a French flavour. And thank you Susan, how nice of you to visit my blog! And not to mind! I think I am going to enjoy this KAL

I am knitting this in a lovely sock yarn which I purchased from Natalie at this year's Woolfest - I'm afraid the label didn't have a colour, but as is always the way with Natalie's yarns it is a joy to knit with. I started last night, and have done the sixteen set up lace pattern rows and four pattern repeats.

I am going to Knit and Natter tonight with my friend Hilary, which usually entails more natter than knit, so don't expect progress any time soon! Oh and it's not a 6mm needle by the way it's an "old" size 6 which is the same as a 5mm needle, very few of my needles are metric and most of them are older than me! I'll be transferring to a circular soon.

Wasn't yesterday's stage dramatic! I shall leave you with a photo of my man to watch, Geraint Thomas the Welsh Wizard from Cardiff.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Le Tour de France

Le Prologue

Isn't summer wonderful! So much to keep me entertained now I have no football to watch. There's England's mixed fortunes against the Windies, (cricket for the uninitiated) The Grass Court season culminating in Wimbledon - did you Rafa glisten yesterday - and now, to entertain and inspire us all, the Tour de France. Oh, how fabulous. I just love the tour, we were even lucky enought to see a stage in France one year while on holiday.

This year The Tour kicked off in London which was marvellous. Natalie alerted us on the Crafty Threads 'n' Yarns board to the existance of the Tour de France KAL and I just HAD to join in. I may not have (Super) Mario Cipollini or Abdoujaparov ( what a sad end to a career ) to cheer on any more, but there are BRITS though who knows for how long.

I have a Maillot Vert in the KAL, competing for fastest "finisher". Well that's a laugh, I seem to have been at work ALL weekend, and due to staff sickness this included both a morning shift then a night shift Sunday so maybe slowest starter would be more appropriate.

With Many apologies to Susan Pierce Lawrence I am knitting a Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl which for the duration of the Tour I shall be referring to as a Forest Canapé. Watch this space, who knows I may actually start something! Bon chance mes amies! There will be much "Ah non, je me suis lache une maille" which roughly translated means "oh buggrit I have dropped a stitch"

Here are some photos that DS1 took on Saturday, He was on the edge of Hyde Park, and had a fab day.

And now, as someone once said, for something completely different. I can kill a flowering plant just by looking at it! So what is so special about this phalaenopsis? I'll tell you what - it's last years!!!!! And for the very first time I have a phalaenopsis flowering for a second time. It's a miracle! It was a Silver Wedding present last year and I am thrilled that it it flowering again.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Alan Johnston

As I'm sure you all know by now, Alan Johnston has been released from captivity, and it is the best news I've heard for yonks! I shall have a big smile on my face all day.

I'm very very pleased and relieved for Alan and his family, and I hope he gets some time and space to recover some semblance of normality.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


I feel that I know the M6 intimately. Having taken 6.5 hours to travel the 250 miles to Cockermouth, I was so pleased to arrive at Six Castlegate, my B&B. It was everything a good B&B should be, friendly and welcoming and comfortable and homely. It was a lovely evening despite the forecast, but I had arrived later than anticipated, so nowhere open to browse in, but I did find a little Italian restarant, and yes, indeed, senora DID want another glass of Pinot Grigio with her penne arabiatta! By the way, do you know what the most welcome word is on a motorway? No, not services, END, in big orange letters, when you've taken an hour to do 3 miles, END is a very welcome word indeed!

I had an early start on Saturday - 4:50 to be precise! A combination of light mornings, traffic noise and anticipation. So I knitted and I read, and eventually went down for a FABULOUS breakfast. They also packed me a wonderful lunch - honestly, it was very good indeed.

So I drove to Woolfest, parked, got in the queue and heard a yoohoo and who should it be but Badger and Alicat, and also a little further down the queue Wye Sue, Badger and Alicat very kindly offered to share their day with me, and great company they were too - thank you both, I had the best day. Badger was so busy with her photos, I almost forgot to take mine, but I met Artyfartykat, Acrylik, Woolly Wormhead, and loads of lovely people. My photos aren't the best, Badger has fab photos on her blog, but here are a few.

Fun on Felt

Mr and Mrs Yarnyard


Some lovely bright stuff

The Natural Dye Studio


My modest S.E.X!

It was a fab day - and thanks again to everyone for making it so special. I had a lovely evening of Dr Who, followed by anther Italian, but a different restaurant this time - I am of an age where I can't walk into pub on my own, not even to eat, a restaurant seems more proper somehow.

Another early wake up this morning - a disturbance over the road, but not to worry. Breakfast was HUGE and wonderful and off I set. I REALLY wanted to get home and see my family.

And now to home, because while I was spending today trying to get home my two DS's were running for Acorns children's Hospice in the Great Malvern Triple Run DS1 ( on the right ) in the half marathon and DS2 in the Spring Run. Conditions underfoot were dreadful by all accounts, some of the course was still under flood water and in the end the half marathon course was shortened slightly but they did it and I am very proud of them.

DS1 and DS2 - 9 years between them, but aren't they fab!

On the move

DS 2 is there somewhere!

And here!

All in all a great weekend, but tonight I feel like Dorothy - there's no place like home!