Monday, April 14, 2008

Cranford Mitts

Cranford Mitts

Yarn: Yarn Yard Merino

Colours: Mysteron (MC) Dreamy (CC)

Needles 2.5mm Clover Bamboo DPNS

I LIKE this pattern. I am very pleased with my Cranford Mitts, the brainchild of Jane . Both yarn and pattern are available from The Yarn Yard and be warned - I have another pair otn ;-)

I am, by the way, a complete and utter failure. Not only have I bought more yarn from the Yarn Yard, I have bought a three month sock club membership too. What am I like. I've held out for VERY long time but this month again my eyes have run away with me and I have been seduced by colour. Thanks Natalie ;-)

PS would anyone like a sixteen year old? I will deliver free in anywhere within a 200 mile radius ...................!!!!


Anonymous said...

No you keep your 16 year old. I have one of 17 and another of 15 and that's more than enough thanks very much. Maybe widening your radius might help ;)

Your mitts are the bees knees, I may have to succumb! I'm not surprised you have more otn. N really is a an artist with her colours.

Anonymous said...

Oh Joy don't be too hard on yourself - you need a treat I think and you've been SO good!!

Those mitts are beautiful - I keep seeing them and haven't cast on myself ;-)

gilraen said...

A sixteen year old? Er no.......those years await me........with dread!!!

Georgeous mitts!!! :)

dreamcatcher said...

Gorgeous Cranfords!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love your cranfords. The yarn yard colours are so nice.