Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Monkey Business

I love swaps!

Mind you in February of this year when I signed up for a slow sock swap on CTnY I had my doubts. I had only knitted three pairs of socks prior to that so I was neither an accomplished nor experienced sock knitter. So I've been practicing ;-)

I've been longing to show these off, but have had to wait until they had been received. I posted them last Thursday, the lady in the P.O said it would take a week for them to get to Finland and she was right.

My swappee was Hanne and I was very relieved to see that the socks were a perfect fit as you can see here. I had had a "moment" earlier this morning though. I'd looked at Hanne's blog and seen these - it seems great minds think alike.

I used 2.5mm Lantern Moon dpns, and a Yarn Yard Club yarn from last year. The yarn had spent some time deciding what it wanted to be, and I am very pleased it eventually chose to be Monkey socks. Mind you, it was a very hard thing to put them in the post....... :-)

I also made a little gift bag with a couple of little treats in.

I sent the last few grams of yarn in with the parcel too in case altertions were necessary. Ans now all I have to do is wait to receive a lovely pair of socks myself. I am giving the postman funny looks...................................

Speaking of The Yarn Yard ( which I invaribly do on my blog ) you might like to pop over there if you haven't already, and read her post "A Twilight Barking"


RooKnits said...

This is definitely my favourite ever shade of sock club I've had from Natalie. They make fantastic Monkey's!

Lin said...

Lovely monkeys and what a nice touch doing the little bag too, lovely!

Anni said...

Love the socks. I've got a skein of that yarn upstairs. Forgot how lovely it was. Love the bag too.

gilraen said...

A lovely pair of socks. :) The yarn is very pretty too :)

BarbSz said...

The socks look very nice. Good job, I really like the colors. Love the idea of a gift bag.