Friday, March 13, 2009

The Year of the Workshop

I find I am becoming more and more fascinated by knitting and it's constuction, how it all works really, and to this end I am turning into a bit of a workshop junkie.Towards the end of last year there was How to Finish 1 with Debbie Abrahams and the wonderful retreat with Lucy Neatby.Last month there was How to Finish 2 with Debbie Abrahams. That was a great workshop where I learned a very great deal. As ever on these workshops I found I learned from fellow knitters too. My confidence had a boost too when Debbie admired my FCS ( the one in my avatar ), and also my Cranford Mitts.

Next week I am attending a workshop at Socktopus with the great Cookie A. Time willl tell if I have an over inflated opinion of my ability, but it's a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

June sees UK Ravelry day in Coventry and "Plan Your Own Aran" with Jared Flood. The following week will see me at Socktopus with two more Jared Flood workshops booked. I do hope I won't seem like a stalker.........

The end of June brings Woolfest and joy of joys a day's Estonian Lace workshop with the wonderful Nancy Bush. My little head is reeling, I was camped out by the letter box this morning as tickets for this had started to arrive yesterday.

Then there is Iknit day, whereupon I must confess a sort of headless chicken approach to workshop booking, Estonian lace with the Dutch Knitters ( my insurance policy in case Woolfest didn't come through ) Universal Mitred Bag and Modular Knitting with Annie Modesitt, Traditional Fair Isle Knitting Techniques with Alice Starmore as well as an Alice Starmore presentation, Influences on Design.Phew! Perhaps I should dig out my autograph book.

There IS knitting going on, but I am in for the long haul I am afraid. I am knitting Muse from the Classic Reminiscence book using Pima Cotton. I was experiencing dreadful rowing out, so am trying to use Annie Modesitt's combination knitting see here and here which has helped enormously, but it is slow going. Maybe a progress photo next time.