Saturday, September 18, 2010


Time for knitting. There has been a lot of knitting while I've been away from blogland, but it's all there on my Ravelry Projects Page should anyone feel the irresistable urge to look ;-)

I bought the yarn and pattern at Knit Nation - yes, last-in-first-out with the yarn again but it was such lovely yarn I just had to cast on. This is Centrique, and I used around 1.5 skeins of Fyberspates Scrumptious DK to knit it and I love it. It was mostly knitted on holiday, and was an ideal holiday project in that pattern was interesting without being complex.

It's beautifully soft and very very warm and I absolutely love it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Consider the Cobwebs Blown

Oh dear, lapsing again! Here am I back from holiday for almost 2 weeks and I haven't blogged about the rest of my holiday. Well as you can see the wind died down and we had the most perfect of weather. Just look at that fabulous sea a day later, as calm as a millpond.

Some souls even braved the water! Sooner them than me.

We went on a boat trip and saw this wonderful lighthouse. It's Longstone Lighthouse, from where Grace Darling and her father braved the sea and made their heroic rescue.

We also saw plenty of these. It's a privilege to be able to be so close. Sadly we were too late for the nesting birds, but not to worry, that's good reason to go back again ;-)

We visited Alnwick Castle where Harry Potter was filmed. The gardens there are lovely.

You couldn't say you weren't warned!

This is a cannibis plant. The sign reads "Please Keep Off The Grass" I like it!!

Here is Lindisfarne Abbey

And Lindisfarne Castle

I loved the walk from Craster to Dunstanborough Castle and have a friend to thank for making the suggestion.

And yet another castle, this one is Banborough.

Stunning views. I have really fallen in love with this beautiful part of the world.

I really can't think of a better place to have gone. Northumbria is a stunning area, and I am sure we saw just a small proportion of it's splendour. We all needed a break, somewhere to wind down and relax after the stresses and strains of recent weeks and months, and when times get difficult in the coming months I'll be able to draw strength from this week.