Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All Change Please

Well, here we are in the second month of 2012 already! Doesn't time fly!

I've found recently that I have come back to my blog in order to look something up, and do you know, every time I do so I realise how much I've missed blogging and how remiss I have become. 

So, it's time to start again, I think. For one thing, I have more time to blog now as I retired from work at the end of 2011. It came as a great surprise to me that I should want to retire early after some 38 years of nursing, but once the decision had been made I could barely wait. And almost six weeks in I'm not missing things at all! People yes, but not the work. 

There is so much knitting to show you that I haven't done, but it's all on Ravelry so maybe that's the place to leave it and we'll start with 2012.

So far this year I have completed a pair of toe-up socks for my son-in-law, knitted leaves and loomed flowers for a friend's forthcoming wedding, knitted and felted a pair of slippers, knitted a pair of vanilla socks and also a dishcloth for a swap. Quite a variety to start the year!

Hopefully, you won't have to wait so long for another update :-)