Thursday, November 20, 2008

Splodgy Scarf

This is another of the yarns that I dyed on the Dyeing Workshop. I was disappointed by the splodginess but really pleased with what I managed to make :-)

The scarf is a Sue Morgan design, available from Get Knitted - you might need to scroll down on the link. It's a very simple knit, it's a two row pattern, one of which is GS and I like the finished result very much. I used #9 Aero needles.

And the splodges have disappeared into the pattern :-)

I am going to give this to a friend for Christmas - they are "her" colours. I'm not going to say who, I don't THINK she reads my blog but you never know. She's a good friend though, and I'm pleased I've made her something I know she'll like :-)


Diana said...

The scarf is just absolutely adorable! Those curly ends are very interesting, I'll have to look into them to see just how they're done - I suppose with some extra stitches, that's the only idea I have right now. I would have never guessed that from yarn of so different colours the end result could be so regular and matching. (I can't think of the right word - "uniform" perhaps).

Auntie Noo said...

I think it's gorgeous.

kathryn said...

It's lovely! And to me this whole dyeing business is a mystery and quite amazing. I'm very impressed!

Lin said...

That is lovely, the colours look great knitted up. I think you chose the perfect pattern.

Anni said...

Gorgeous yarn adn scarf. Love the colours.