Monday, February 16, 2009

Virtual Coffee Morning

Kettle's on, coffee's perking and there's carrot cake. Help yourselves.

I am off to bed - only I could organise something to fall on the middle of two night shifts *rolls eyes* but please stay and chat amongst yourselves.

As well as two x £10 Socktopus vouchers and one of Ambermoggie's femmes, there is also a skein of yarn from my tiny little sock yarn stash up for grabs.

See you later - draw at 5:00 pm :-)


RooKnits said...

I made some muffins, but cleverly left them at home (doh!) I shall have to make do with my hot cross bun (I know I remembered to pack that) and tea. Sleep Well.

kathryn said...

Just in time!

ambermoggie said...

oohh carrot cake yes please:) Femme is packaged ready to go to who ever wins her