Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Hopsox

I thought I'd knit another pair of these just to make sure the frst pair wasn't some sort of a fluke ;-)

These socks have kept me company on a variety of train journeys recently and was knitted variously on the train to London ( theatre, League 2 Play Off Final ) Coventry ( Ravelry Day ) Manchester ( work ) and back in London again ( Artist’s Pallete Trunk Show at Socktopus and Wimbledon ) What a lot of lovely memories it holds already.

It was also frogged at length at Socktopus on Sunday 21st June, but was successfully resurrected at Wimbledon the following day. It was the sock of doom on Sunday, but I finally beat it into submission ;-)

This is a p/hop sock and as such will be on the p/hop stand at Woolfest and Fibrefest and I Knit Day.

I used Dream in Colour Smooshy # Go Go Grassy and two 2.75mm circular needles to knit them with.

They fit really well and I am very pleased with them. The pattern can be downloaded here if you would like it. Or there is a little link in my sidebar.

1 comment:

Kath said...

Those are lovely socks!
As far as WoolFest went there were just far too many people to small aisles to see everyone and towards the end of the day my brain was that befuddled I didn't recognised people I knew anyway! Hope you had a fun time anyway - definitely will have to try harder next time!