Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Forest Full of Canopies ;-)

I remarked on Ravelry the other day that I really ought to buy another copy of this lovely pattern ;-) I've given up counting how many I've knitted it, but you know they are all so different it never really seems as though I am knitting the same thing..................

None of these is in my possession any more, as ever, they have gone to say "get well soon" or "thank you for having me" or something of that ilk.

So, here are 4 FCS's, not in any particular order, knitted using a variety of yarns and all rather different.

First up is one that was knitted with around 70g of Old Maiden Aunt merino yarn # Dreich.

This one using Fiddlesticks Country Silk # Desert Sand

This one using Artesano Inca Cloud. I particularly like this one. It was difficult to photograph the colour accurately though.

And finally this one, using yarn from the Unique Sheep # Hobbiton.

I don't just knit these of course ;-) Next week I'll show you what I'm up to at the moment. 

And once again, thank you to everyone for entering my competition. I am so pleased that I have returned to my blog. I may not blog as prolifically as I used to or respond to everyone's comments, but I do appreciate them all.


Paula said...

They all look great. Everytime I see that pattern, I always associate it with you.

PixieMum said...

Your knitting looks fantastic, are these very difficult?

Now you are talking to someone who has nearly reached the toe on her first ever sock knit.

Is the pattern available in Ravelry and could I use the lovely yarn that you sent me?

Still basking in the glow of all those goodies.


Terri said...

I am so addicted to FC. I have made several!