Monday, March 19, 2007

A Reflective Weekend

It's been a time of reflection this weekend. Comic Relief once again brought home just what sorrows and injustice people endure every single day, with little respite. It's hard to imagine how people endure this with such dignity and fortitude, how children still find it in themselves to smile and get enjoyment from the smallest of things. How much we all take for granted in our "civilised" world, and how remarkably little it would take each and every one of us to make a difference.

Sadly too, some of my cyber friends are going through very difficult times at the moment. I'd just like to let them all know that I am thinking of them - all of them.

Yesterday was my brother's 60th birthday - sadly we fell out last year over arrangements for OUR Silver Wedding Anniversary. He chose not to attend DD's 21st celebrations subsequent to this, which upset both she and I terribly. On the one occasion I tried to phone him, he was so hurtful I had to put the phone down. Sadly, apart from exchanging a few polite words at mum's, we haven't spoken since. And, I'm ashamed to say, that I couldn't make myself ring him yesterday. I know that life is short, and I should, but I am finding it hard to make that first move.

I am so looking forward to the next week - with some trepidation! We have a young French Exchange student coming to stay - not the first time this has happened, but it's a few years since it has. I am off to sort out the spare room so that it looks less like a LYS and more like a bedroom. They have lots of lovely day trips planned - Stratford, The Black Country Museum, The Bullring and Mailbox, Cadbury World - and - if he would like to, we plan a day trip to London on the train on Saturday - DH wants to take him to see Shrewsbury Town play football - we'll see which appeals to him most!

Finally, yesterday was Mothering Sunday. I was very lucky, my eldest gave me some lovely Lush goodies, DD bought me some M&S vouchers, and my youngest bought me Robbie Fowler's autobiography - an essential read! - and I also had some beautiful flowers. Once again time to reflect just how lucky I am and how little I really need in life. We went out for an Indian last night, DD having been at work during the day, I had slept off a night shift, and we walked home in the snow. What a perfect way to end this reflective weekend.


Seahorse said...

That's a lovely post. I am very much a 'glass is half full' person and am thankful every day for what I have. Even though I'm far from finacially well off by UK standards, I believe true riches are to have family and friends and to be warm, well fed and healthy. Something that is sadly not true for very many of the world's citizens.(Getting all sentimental now!!!).

Piglottie said...

Agree completely with Seahorse, what a lovely post and what true sentiments. When I stopped working, for many reasons including health and MrPs crazy shifts, we downsized so much and it really hit home how wasteful were were and how much we consumed. We've streamlined a lot, and are so much happy living a more simple lifestyle.

And with regard to your brother, don't feel bad or guilty. For each thing its own season, and you will know if/when the time is right. ***hugs***

nanatoo said...

You're right, we are all very lucky, just forget that sometimes. Watching CR was a reminder of what some people are suffering, it was so sad.
I'm sorry that you had a falling out with your brother. I know you want to make it right but I also know that feeling of not being able to take that chance in case of rejection, which is heartbreaking. (((Aknita))))
Love your Liverpool card! Your pressies are lovely :)

gilraen said...

Well said. Health and the love of family the biggest riches known to man :)

You had a lovely Mother's Day :)

Good Luck with your brother! :)

inukshuk71 said...

What a great post, it was like a window into your world. I saw a lady who is much loved by her family, sad from the state of the world and yearning for a brother who must also yearn for her. Sensitive souls are the prettiest - Be well :)