Thursday, March 15, 2007

Progress at last!

Those of you who read the crafty Threads 'n' Yarns Forum will know that I've had the knitting grumps this week! I've been knocked a bit sideways with my March plans when asked to knit a pair of socks for someone I've never met with a deadline of March 23rd. So the Father and Son socks were put to one side, the Central Park Hoodie abandoned - yet again - and I set about the socks.

They are a present from the lovely Jo at Malvern Beauty Clinic for her boyfriend for his birthday. Jo looks after my nails, she never tells me off if I've had a nibble and is the sole reason why I am no longer an avid nail biter so I am pleased to do something for her. However, I HATE deadlines - and these are size 10's - hence my grumpiness!!!!! I started them last Friday, and am half way up ( or down! ) the second cuff so am on track for time but I shall be pleased to finish them.

I am DELIGHTED with the yarn - Bushcraft from the Yarnyard. It is beautiful to knit with, and I love the suble stripiness of it. DH wants a pair too. I am knitting the basic Regia pattern with 68 sts, but have added a reinforced heel, which I'm particularly pleased with - it gave a great edge to pick up the heel flap stitches from and gave me a neat finish.


terri said...

They lok lvely Aknita! Its nice to see the bushcraft knitted up, I have a skein to make a pair of socks for DH at some point too, luckily he's not a size 10!!!!!!!!

Anni said...

Great sock and the colour is lovely. And you've really gotten bitten by the sock but haven't you?

nanatoo said...

I love looking at everybody's neat stitches :) Beautiful yarn and glad they'll be done by the deadline.
I think we're all putting things aside because of those emergency knits all the time - it's maddening!

inukshuk71 said...

That colour is beautiful. I know how you feel about deadlines. It's no fun to have to rush taking part in a passtime. I think you should reward yourself with lucious yarn to be used for YOU once you've finished this project.

dreamcatcher said...

The socks look great, I really love the colours in the yarn :-)

Currently doing a bit of "emergency" knitting myself when I'm supposed to be KAL'ing on a sweater!

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend too, I'm feeling rather hungry at the mere mention of Chinese food and curries :-D Beautiful flower too!

LadybirdLinz said...

They look absolutely fab Joy...the colours are brill.