Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A finished project and friendship!

At last - a finished project! I have had the knitting grumps these last few weeks, I have completed and discarded two knitted presents for friends' babies ( why is it that when we knit for someone else we are never satisfied ) so it is somewhat of a relief to have actually started and finished something and to be pleased with it!

Montego Bay

Yarn: Knitshop Mulberry in # Peacock
Needles 5.5mm Millwards

The pattern for Montego Bay can be found in the Summer Issue of Interweave. Now I know this wasn't the yarn called for, but I had this beautiful skein of Mulberry Silk ( 50% silk 50% merino wool which I had received from Chrissy in a Secret Santa swap, and I really wanted to use it to knit this with. I think it's a DK, but I really like the way it has knitted this pattern. And I think Peacock is just the right colour to call it - beautiful isn't it?
If anyone is thinking of knitting this - a word of caution if you are knitting in a finer yarn than I did. The pattern says US8's or 5.5mm, it wasn't till I was half way through I realised that a US8 is a 5mm not a 5.5mm - no problem for me with my yarn, but it may be with a finer yarn, depends what you want your stitch to look like I guess.
And now on to frindship! Now then, let me tell you that the on-line knitting community is by and large a wonderful place. If you had told me that I could be blogging away intermittently a few months ago I'd have laughed at you and yet here I am. And blogland takes you to some wonderful places I can tell you! And yesterday it led the postman to my door with these wonderful surprises.

This is what was written in the card.

Dear Joy,

I decided to have a "prize draw" for the regular commenters on my blog, and your name came out of the hat ( or rather bowl! ). I hope you like the contents of your parcel.

All the very best, knittyinpink

I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am by her generosity! Thank you!
And finally, another act of friendship here from Carolinne on the Crafty Threads 'n' Yarns forum. Carolinne does the most amazing sewing, and has introduced us all to ambigrams which are fascinating, and last week, when she knew I needed cheering up, Carolinne sent me this beautiful ambigrammed needle case, with an ambigram of Joy on it - isn't it beautiful

So, here's to the on-line knitting community and friendship, and long may we all go on with support and encouragement of each other!


Anni said...

The Montego Bay is gorgeous. And lucky you getting such wonderful presents.

Seahorse said...

Quite agree Joy! Despite all the doom and gloom you see about the risks and consequences of 'net use, I've found so much that is positive and life affirming here!

Jo028 said...

Montego Bayis fantastic, such a gorgeous colour. What very generous people we have on the forum, lovely gifts there :)

Hawkesley said...

Your Montego Bay is gorgeous, I love the colour you chose. I didn't spot this pattern when I had the magazine and then I went and sold it :-(

You got some lovely pressies too.

gilraen said...

What a beautiful scarf Joy. It is lovely. Thank you for the info re needle size. :)

You get what you deserve in life Joy. ;) :D You obviously deserved a few treats :D

Linda said...

Joy, glad to see your knitting mojo is back. ;0) The Montego Bay is gorgeous and the colour is stunning.

And lucky you, having all those pressies in the post.

Auntie Noo said...

I'll drink to that!!!!

kathryn said...

I love Montego Bay and it looks lovely in that colour.

Piglottie said...

I love your Montego Bay! I didn't really give the pattern a second look when I read the mag, but yours has really changed my mind and it is now on my to do list :) Lovely gifts :)

nanatoo said...

I love your scarf and all your pressies :D

dreamcatcher said...

The scarf is beautiful, the silk really drapes wonderfully :-) So glad you liked your surprise parcel! The ambigram is amazing, they are so clever :-)

Knitbert said...

Montego Bay is gorgeous, what a fab colour, and it looks so elegant! I love your ambigram too, Carolinne is so clever! What a delightful gift.

Christina said...

what a gorgeous scarf. And very nice presents you have there ;)

Queen of the froggers. said...

What a lovely colour the scarf is and those were great prizes for the draw. Lucky you! :)