Thursday, June 28, 2007

Too Cold for Strawberries!

It's June - isn't it? We've had the longest day, the nights are drawing in and and it's flipping cold! Mr A and I went to Wimbledon yesterday and I can at least say that my tootsies were warm in my razorshell socks, but very little else was. I needed every single one of my layers, and even added the pashmina I had popped in my bag too.

We woke yesterday morning to a detour - Upton on Severn was closed due to flooding, so we couldn't make for J1 of the M50 to get to the M5 South, Worcester was inaccessible from South of the city for the same reason so we decided, along with a great many other people, to head for Ledbury and J2 of the M50 which happily got us where we needed to be in the end.

We arrived later than planned, but all things considered a little travel disruption compared with what some people are enduring is nothing really. We were just in time for the first rain break, but when play did resume we saw a very tightly fought match on Court 13 between Safina and Bondarenko, 7:5, 7:6 ( 8:6 ) then a quite one-sided match with Martina Hingis.

Mr A went to find a up of tea and I remained in the stand, and watched the first few games of the Lubicic match. We had planned to drink our tea and make our way to Henman Hill. However, that was when the deluge started, and although it brightened once or twice it never looked like picking up and we called it a day t 6:00.

Martina Hingis

It was damn cold, and I had to wear my pashmina for extra neck warmth in spite of having a scarf. When the sun did make a fleeting appearance though, it was lovely.

There's no sadder sight at Wimbledon than covered courts

Every picture tells a story

We had some cracking good fish and chips on the way home though. I do hope the weather improves this weekend as I am driving up to Cockermouth tomorrow for Saturday's Woolfest.


Auntie Noo said...

I've had a nightmare of a week with internet connections... and was so worried for you when I saw the pictures of Upton as I know you're reasonabl close! - Sorry you came all the way down here for a soggy day at Wimbledon, and hope that Woolfest is OK for you.... I guess that old saying of what goes up must come down is true..... just that we don't expect it all at once!!

Aknita said...

We often refer to Upton as Upton-in-Severn ;), I think most of the town's defences held, it was the approach roads that bore the full brunt of the floodwater.

I think it's going to be one of theose Wimbledons this year :(

Anni said...

Love your Woolfest pics. Gorgeous NDS yarns. and your stash enhancement is fab.