Saturday, October 20, 2007

Autumn Colours

Yesterday Mr A and I visited Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, and what a wonderful day for driving through the Cotswolds it was. We did suffer the ignomany of being charged OAP rates to go in - but hey that saved £2:00 which went towards a slice of carrot cake in the restaurant there, so every cloud as they say!

Not a lot to write in this post, the photos will tell their own story I hope. I can thoroughly recommend a visit to Westonbirt at this time of the year although this year the colours are particularly beautiful.

Do I look sixty?

And finally - I slipped earlier this week as I didn't post a photo of a FCS! I really am going to have to find something else to knit all my sock yarn with, but right now I LOVE this pattern, and it's a nice gift for a friend or thank you to someone, so I expect I shall continue with them for a while. It's stashbusting really!

Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl

Yarn: May Sock Club from the Yarn Yard

Needles: Size 7 Aeros

This was made as a gift for someone special - I do hope they like it!


dreamcatcher said...

Beautiful pictures from Westonbirt, it is such a good year for rich autumnal colour. And no you definitely do not look sixty! far from it!

Love the latest FCS, it really is a great pattern for a single skein.

Piglottie said...

Your arboretum pictures are wonderful! We go up to Castle Howard this time of year to visit their arboretum and its always such a great day out. And you dont look in the OAP range at all!

You know that this is my favourite FCS you've knitted - its the beautiful butterfly one. The colours are stunning.

Auntie Noo said...

The colours in your photos are just beautiful. It looks like you had an amazing day. The FCS is beautiful too, someone is very lucky!

ambermoggie said...

Westonbirt was on out places to visit list for this year til Mr Mogs cancer set us back. Fabulous to see the pictures though:) And I LOVE the FCS, the colours are so evocative of autumn aren't they? I really must try again to master the pattern. I've frogged so many times despite lifelines. Maybe ought to be on my to do for new year resolutions:)
And no , no where near 60 from your photo:)

Jo028 said...

No you don't look 60! Is that your CPH you're wearing too? Beautful shades of Autumn, it looks lovely there.

Aknita said...

You are all very good for my ego ;)

Yes Jo, it's my CPH, and lovely and warm it was too.

Ambermoggie - if you knew how "blue" the air can turn Chez Aknita when I am counting......... ;)I hope you can visit Westonbirt next year.

franney said...

What a wonderful place that looks to visit, this time of year is one of my favourites, although once all the colour has gone and the leaves have fallen it's a little less so :o)

blog-blethers said...

NO, you don't, Aknita!!!! But, hey, someone's short sightedness contributed to the carrot cake:) Your pics are just stunning and capture those gorgeous autumn colours brilliantly

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures aknita, you can feel the energy radiating from them, must be the trees. I've had a little wander around your blog and I'm off to have a look at your recommendation because I hadn't heard of Socktopus before and I just love the I love the yarns too *sigh*

Put a Sock in it said...

Gorgeous piccies! Thanks so much for sharing them. :)

Love the FC too. Very appropriate colours for this time of year.

Seahorse said...

Fabulous colours!

Gorgeous shawl too.

60? I don't think so!!!

Hawkesley said...

Beautiful autumnal colours and wonderful photos. And NO you don't look sixty!! Silly people!

gilraen said...

What a wonderful place!! Even if the staff are shortsighted! You look great!

I love your latest FCS it is so autumnal! :)

murdo said...

Westonbirt is on my "must visit"lists. When you are up here in the Spring youmust visit Ness Gardens on the Wirral. I think you would love it!!