Thursday, November 8, 2007

Paying it Forward

All in all there is a great deal of goodness here in cyberspace. I've been very fortunate through forum life and blogland to meet both virtually and irl some lovely people. I think it must be a common interest in both knitting and craft making generally that sparks a friendship, and it's not that I don't have "real" friends or anything, but there is something very special about virtual friendship too.

So when I came across Paying it Forward on Becca'sblog I knew it was something I wanted to do. I was thrilled, if not a little nervous, about making something for such accomplished craftsters as Anni, Terri and Piglottie, and my initial plan was to sew something for them.

Then Anni, Anni of all people who designs and knits such wonderful shawls and lace, bid on, and narrowly missed, my FCS that I auctioned for Terri's Great North Run. Anni said several times that she always intended to make one, so I thought "why not make a FCS for Anni for PIF?" I had a yarn in mind, but when I went to Ally Pally and found Socktopus and her Smooshy yarn I thought "Anni" and so I bought a skein of Wisterious and here it is. The yarn knits like a dream and I love it! There are four extra pattern repeats in the shawl.

Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl

Yarn: Smooshy 100% Superwash Merino

Shade: Wisterious

Needles: 5mm Pony Straights

I always find pink yarns so difficult to photograph accurately, but I hope you get the gist of the colours which are just lovely.

Now we move on to Terri. I had a different project in mind for Terri, but then thought perhaps I ought to spend the same time and effort on all my PIF gifts. So another FCS. Perfect, I thought, I have just the yarn, some Fyberspates Silk/Alpaca that I bought from Woolfest. I switched down to 4.5 mm needles, but after 2 pattern repeats I wasn't happy so switched down to 4mms, but still I wasn't happy with my efforts. So it was off to The Knitting Parlour for some inspiration, and I came home last Thursday with three skeins of Colinette Cadenza in Moss.

Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl

Yarn: Colinette Cadenza

Shade: Moss

Needles: 5mm Pony straights

It took 4 days to make and two to block, and I have to say Cadenza is joy to work with and grows so fast. There are three extra pattern repeats, and I used every single scrap of yarn. I love the subtle shades of green.

And finally, Piglottie's shawl, the second of the three that I made. Piglottie was very complimentary of the last FCS I made in the Autumnal colours of Yarn Yard May Club Yarn - you can see it here at the end of this post and incidentally it went across the pond to Holly who won my prize draw recently.

I found I had some Autumnal shades stashed away in the shape of Fiddlesticks Country Silk in # Desert Sand and so here is Piglottie's shawl. I used about half of the yarn, and again knitted extra pattern repeats, but I can't remember if it was three or four, either way I have enough yarn left to knit another at some stage. I have to say this is my favourite FCS of all, but it feels very different to the others - must be the silk.

Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl

Yarn: Fiddlesticks Country Silk Yarn

Shade: Desert Sand

Needles: Size 7 Aero straights.

So, there we are, my PIF knitting. I can't tell you how hard it was putting them all in the post yesterday. Mind you, it's even harder sitting here waiting to hear that they have arrived and I just hope that Anni, Terri and Piglottie like their knits as much as I have enjoyed making them for them. I think there is at least one "design feature" in each of them!

I have one more FCS blocking, for a special occasion. I'll post it on Monday, but it will be my last one for a while I think.

And now I need to concentrate on Christmas. I have two scarves, two swaps and several cards to make. There's just over six weeks to go now - and unusually for me I have done nothing. I do believe all this unseasonally mild weather leads one to believe it can't possibly be nearly Christmas!

And finally - one of my other passions in life is Liverpool Football Club. I try not to bore everyone in blogland with football, but I can't let an 8:0 victory go unmarked. In the words of Max Boyce "I was there" and what a night it was! Come on you Reds!


dreamcatcher said...

What a lovely set of FC shawls! I love the colours in each, all very different.

LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

They are stunning!...I now know you love this pattern even more than me now lol....try a kiri next ;)

Auntie Noo said...

You surely are the FCS queen!!!! - What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do for your friends. They are all beautiful.

Piglottie said...

Joy you are such a wonderful person for taking so much time and thought to make these lovely gifts for us. Thank you so very much. I adore mine, and although I love them all, mine is definitely my favourite :)

Aknita said...

I enjoyed making them, so you are more than welcome Piglottie :-)!

KLB - I know, I know, I've promised Kiri haven't I lol? I do believe that 10 FCS are enough for anyone, so when I have finished with Christmas knits and preparations, and got the FCS pattern completely out of my head, I shall make one I promise!

Linda said...

Joy, they're beautiful. I thought the Cadenza was my favourite until I saw the Fiddlesticks one - the colour is just gorgeous. :0)

gilraen said...

They are so so beautiful!!! You are one talented lady! And a very thoughtful and giving one too!

Of course you have to mark and celebrate a 8 nil victory, come on you Reds is exactly right!! :D

Cazzie said...

They are all beautiful :D

Seahorse said...

Oh Joy! Such generous gifts! I feel quite emotional!

Well done you!

murdo said...

Works of art and something that the owners will treasure.
Glad your beloved Reds had a day Partick Thistle will make it :)

Anni said...

Thank you very, very much for my gorgeous FC. When I signed up for PIF I was secretly hoping for a FC so I was so thrilled when I opened up my parcel to find one. The colours are just the ones I would have chosen myself and how I missed Socktopus at Ally Pally I'll never know, but maybe a good things as I would ahve spent a fortune. The yarn is gorgeous.

I've been wearing my FC all day today as well and had lots of compliments in church. Don't know why I've never gotte naround to making one. I've had the pattern for ages. Most of my knitting is new designs though so that's probably why.

Thank you very much again, Joy.

Terri said...

The cadenza one is the best methinks;-)
Thanks Joy!!!!!

kathryn said...

What lovely Forest Canopies! They're all gorgeous.

Artis-Anne said...

I think they are all gorgeous but I still covet the one you wore yesterday at Colinette :)
It was a real pleasure to meet you and I hope I see you again very soon :)

Terri Lynn said...

They are all lovely! How blessed!