Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Swaps 'n' Stuff

One of the lovely things about swaps and stuff is that when you are a fully paid up member of Stashalong you still have the opportunity still to shop a little from time to time and also receive regular parcels. I've been participating in swaps over on Crafty Threads 'n' Yarns for some time, and more recently on Knitting Haven too.

At the moment we have a lovely swap on CTNY - it's a Round Robin Gift Bag exchange. During the first month we all made a bag and sent it to the next person down on the list of participants. This month we send the bag we received last month to the second person down the list. The challenge is to spend no more than £2:00. A small diary also accompnies the bag. Cool idea isn't it, all the brainchild of Natalie.

This is the bag I received in January from Anni - isn't it lovely? Not only a pattern for Anni's Kaleidoscope Mitts, but some of her merino too. Anni, I will make those mitts if it kills me! Thank you.

I've recently started participating in swaps on Knitting Haven too, and I received this parcel yesterday from the sadly blogless Juniperloops. What can I say other than that the generosity and kindness of virtul strangers never ceases to amaze me.

Consider the thought that went into this package. Some wonderful Tourist Information about what appears to be a very beautiful part of America. A lovely card too as well as postcards and fridge magnet. The locally produced honey looks delicious - it's a whole 16oz jar - and let me tell you the tea is just lovely.

But just look at that yarn. Isn't it just divine? Again it's local to Juniperloops area, its by Missbabs in Mountain City. The colour is Poseidon and it is 400 yards of 100% Merino Wool. The small contrasting skeins each contain 40 yards.

I have changed my mind three times as to what I shall make with this beautiful yarn - needless to say it will be something very special. Thank you so very much!

And finally - something is afoot. My silly stupid dropped right foot has taken to swelling during the course of the day and I am very cross with it! It's fourteen years since I slipped my disc for goodness sake and I STILL struggle to put a pair of tights on unaided. I refuse to wear my splint - well I've thrown it away so I can't - but some days I just get fed up with painkillers, sciatica and stumbling when I'm tired and waking up feeling as though my foot is dangling on a thread like a wobbly tooth!

Sorry - moan over - I'm just feeling so CROSS with it all this morning. I think I need another cup of that delicious tea and some toast and honey to sweeten my mood!


ambermoggie said...

fabulous parcels there:) Sorry to hear about your foot Joy, have you tried comfrey ointment? It helps me sometimes when my joints are too painful

kathryn said...

Oh Joy, you're so good at listening to all our moans you deserve more than that little one. I know how debilitating disc-problem backs can be - many years ago dh had 3 (failed) operations to try and fix his prolapsed disc and now it's just something he has to live with and some days are (much) worse than others. So I know it must really get you down. But the tea and toast and honey sounds just the job.

That and that lovely yarn from Missbabs. It's just gorgeous.

Queen of the froggers said...

Lovely parcels! Sorry that your foot is causing trouble. x

Sandra said...

You have some lovely pressies there Joy. And the colours of that yarn are just wonderful. I'm sure you can think of something really lovely to knit with it.

Hope your foot is feeling better today.

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Love Love all of your lovelies!
I understand how you feel about having this trouble, well, I don't have the same problem, but have been disable since I was in my 20s and it can get you down now and again, dealing with pain, crutches, braces, etc! I know what you mean, I feel like throwing it all out, too! I'll put you on my prayer list to feel much better!

dreamcatcher said...

What lovely parcels!

Sorry your foot is being such a nuisance, hope you feel somewhat better today.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!!! Your two parcels are just gorgeous and very thoughtful :-)