Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brugge ( Bruges )

Mr A and I have just come back from a three night citybreak in Brugge. What a lovely place it is. This is the view from out hotel window.

The canal network is amazing.

We visited a brewery - this was the view from the rooftops. The beer made at the brewery is Bruges Zot and very nice it is too. For 5 euros you have a guided tour - our guide had one of the driest senses of humour "Stella make big businesss, we make beer" is one quote that comes to mind. They also do very good lunches there.

We also visited Tyne Cot Cemetary which was a very moving experience indeed.

We also visied Hill 64 annd walked among the trenches.

Then it was on to Ypres and the Menin Gate and I really couldn't get my head round the Menin Gate at all. No matter where we are all from, we are all familiar with our War Memorials. Nothing prepares you for the thousands upon thousands of names on the Menin gate - nothing. And every night at 8:00 pm the road is closed and the Last Post is played.

Whilst in Ypres we also visited the Cathedral and the Flanders Fields Museum. It's not a day one could say one had enjoyed, but it was a day of reflection and contemplation and I am very pleased I visited the area. And very grateful.

Bruges is home to some 50 chocolate shops and many breweries. There is also some fabulous lace to be seen. The difference between hand made and machine lace is obvious in both quality and cost. We saw some exquisite pieces of work.

Do we mind a spot or two of rain while we are on an open topped canal boat trip - of course not!!!!!!!

I would recommend Bruges to anyone. I was particularly taken with travelling by Eurostar and the break has done me the power of good.
We were also privileged to meet some lovely people. One couple in particular, with whom we shared dinner twice and lunch on our last day, were great fun, we laughed and smiled our way through some of the coldest, wettest miserable weather and had a ball.


Queen of the froggers said...

That looks fantastic. I will put that on my list of must do's! The pictures are great.

gilraen said...

It looks so clean and tidy!! And a wonderful place! Thank you for all the beautiful pictures :D

Jacky said...

Brugges is such a lovely place and I am really pleased that you both have had a lovely break together.

Aknita said...

Gilraen, it is one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited. And very few cars - the bicycle is king in Brugge.

Auntie Noo said...

That looks wonderful. So glad you had a good time.

kathryn said...

It was lovely to see your pictures - it reminded me of the time we went there, about 7 years ago now, but we did those same things...Tyne Cot, Ypres, Hill 64 ... all of them. Michael has always been fascinated by WW1 and most trips back through N France we stop at a different cemetery. Although there are no personal associations I find the whole experience very moving.