Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today ( April 15th ) sees the 19th Anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster It is one of those days that will remain forever etched in my memory. I remember to this very day exactly where I was when I heard about it in shock and disbelief.

It seems incomprehensible today doesn't it that 96 ordinary people, much like you and I, could lose their lives at a football match. But they did.

The memorial at Anfield is always a very poignant place And as always there will be a memorial service at Anfield this afternoon. I'd just like to remember my fellow fans here for a moment. And if any of you could just spare a moment for some peaceful reflection, and remember them and their families in your prayers, that would be lovely.


Curly Cable said...

I remember this day too, my brother was at this match, although being a Nottingham Forest fan, he was at the opposite end of the stadium. but I do remember the shock and horror of hearing it on the news back in Nottingham and the anxious wait of hearing his voice on the telephone. A day never to be forgotten. My thoughts are with the families and friends who lost loved ones at Hillsborough that day.

gilraen said...

I was working in Westminster Children Hospital's A/E that day, I still remember the shock/horror/disbelief that anything like this could happen.

I too remember them in my prayers and not just because I am a Liverpool supporter but rather as a mother/sister/friend etc.

Paula said...

I remember that day so well. It was so sad and shocking an event.

My cousin lost a good friend that day.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I can remember exactly where I was listening in the car to it gradually unfolding. My husband is a great Liverpool supporter, born there but lived in London for most of his life.

Every time I hear 'You'll never walk alone'now I cry, I'm starting now just thinking about it!

There is something very special about Liverpudlians and especially the Liverpool footie supporters.

May those who died never be forgotten.