Friday, May 23, 2008

Shawls, Sock yarn and Peonies!

Thank you all for your helpful comments and advice regarding the FCS. You know how it is when you look at something and it stares you in the face, there was me imagining you all saying "but look what she's done" honestly what am I like! I thought I'd add a close up of the shawl to show it's true colours off - I think my photographic skills are improving but still leave a lot to be desired one way or another.

Now I'm not usually one for posting WIP photos, but I'm making an excepetion! I re-started this sock yesterday, I am playing with the stitch pattern from the Cranford mitts ( with Jane's permission ) and I rather like the effect so far. The yarn is Fyberspates sock yarn - I don't know the colour, I bought it at Wonderwool Wales, but I do like what it's doing.

This is my second attempt. I usually use 64 sts for socks for me as I have size 7 feet, but the horseshoe pattern has 10 stitches. I made the mistake of casting on 70 stitches, and knitted 7 whole pattern repeats on my recent London trip only to decide they would make very slouchy socks indeed. The Razor Shell socks incidentally have 72 sts on the cuff and 64 sts on the foot so it wasn't such a bad idea ;-)

So I'm going with 60 sts as the pattern is "giving" quite a bit in sock yarn as compared with Natalie's Hug yarn. Now whether I am brave and continue with 60, or increase somehow to 64 for the foot remains to be seen. But I AM feeling adventurous!

I must show you this yarn, it's Yarn Yard Lochan in Pinecone and was my choice as my recent Fyberspates socks were drawn out in the CTNY Sock Yarn Challenge 2008! The merino/tencel is fab, and will make a beautiful Autumn scarf.

I was also fortunate enough to buy this Yarn Yard Hug in Fudge - I shall have co-ordinating Cranfords!

And finally - the peony in the garden is looking wonderful just now and I just had to show you how lovely it is as I expect the weekend's promised rain will put an end to that!

I have a Bank Holiday weekend of night shifts coming up, Friday, Saturday and Monday, but it's been lovely to have a "free" week this week so I don't mind. I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.


Auntie Noo said...

I really love Peonies - can never get the blighters to grow in my garden though.

Queen of the froggers said...

The FCS is lovely and the sock, I hope it fits OK. Peonies are lovely, we used to have some but I think that I killed them!