Thursday, June 26, 2008


FIL is no worse and no better. He has however finally been moved to the ward from CCU which is so encouraging.

Guess where I have been ;-) I have spent two nights in London with my eldest son, which sadly went all too quickly. The weather was kind, and we had a real treat on Centre Court.

Here is yesterday's order of play

But first of all we had a lovely picnic. It may be busy on Henman Hill.......

.......but we know a lovely secluded area in the shade.

One bottle of French Chenin Blanc and the best sandwiches money could buy in Sainsbury's :-) and it was time to head off to Centre Court for Djokovic and Safin.


and Djokovic

I love these new scoreboards!

Safin leaves victorious. Djokovic was never in the match. He looked lacklustre and out of sorts from the word go really, and half way through the third set I said to my son that I had switched allegiance and wanted Safin to win. He certainly deserved to.

Kuznetsova and Bondarenko

Federer and Soderling

I'm a Nadal girl and not a Federer fan, but he looked good yesterday I have to admit. He was clearly enjoying his tennis that's for sure.

And the great Fred Perry.

Since I came back this afternoon, it's been washing, ironing, shopping and packing. DS2 is leaving in two hours time for a trip to Disneyland Paris with school.

See you all at Woolfest, where I am quite sure I shall turn a corner and see myself coming towards me ;-)


Tamika said...

So lucky! ^_^ Great pictures, I didn't realize Djokovic's serve was so wide. Are you planning on a return trip next year?

Aknita said...

Oh I do hope so. I've only missed two years since 1996, so I've been very lucky.

kathryn said...

It's good to hear FIL is making progress.

I loved your Wimbledon photos. Almost as good as being there myself!! And what a lovely picnic spot you found.

gilraen said...

Good news about FiL Joy :) Lovely Wimbledon pics :D thanks.

Enjoy Woolfest :D

ambermoggie said...

lovely to finally meet you at Woolfest:)