Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thank you

Thank you all very much for your good wishes. FIL remains in the Coronary Care Unit, and although he still has had some breathing difficulties is making progress.

We have sorted ourselves out a visiting plan, so that someone is able to pop in for half an hour ( more than enough time really, he needs his rest ) every day, so we are trying to carry on as normally as we can

This enabled Mr A and our to make our long-planned trip to London yesterday. I booked tickets for Never So Good back in March and we were so looking forward to it. We took the train, then the tube and got off at Embankment, which allowed us to walk along The Strand and then wonder around Covent Garden and the street stalls. A quartet was entertaining the crowds which we stopped to listen to for a while.

We then had lunch in little Italian restaurant that we know and love, walked along the Hungerford Bridge to the South Bank and browsed the street markets there before heading into the National Theatre to watch the play which was wonderful. We even had time for a walk through the Victoria Embankment Gardens in the early evening London sunshine before returning to Paddington.

It was a wonderful day, which has done us both the world of good, and hopefully more able to cope with whatever life throws at us this week!

I really do appreciate all your thoughts and good wishes, they really mean a lot. I still intend to go to Woolfest - Mr A is due to be coming with me, and I want him to have some time away. It will also mean we can call in and see MIL on the way back.

Kathryn - that is very kind of you. If you click on the Race for Life Widget it will take you to a page where you can make a donation. Thank you.


ambermoggie said...

so pleased your FiL is making progress and that you enjoyed the day away. I look forward to meeting you at Woolfest:)

Queen of the froggers said...

I am glad you managed some time de-stressing.It sounded a good day.

kathryn said...

I'm so glad you managed to have a good time in London. I'm sure it will have done you the world of good. And I'm very envious of your projected Woolfest trip! You can't beat choosing from real life wool.

Hope FIL is continuing to make good progress.