Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today is the twentieth anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster. I'm not sure what else to add to that really. It seems incomprehensible that 96 ordinary people, just like you and me, men, women, children, young and old, could lose their lives just by going to a football match.

Reading accounts of what happened twenty years on makes it all seem more harrowing somehow, particularly as it could all so easily have been avoided. Events of yesterday put into today's context always do somehow - social attitudes, for example, change imperceptibly day by day, yet life then compared with now seems very different. The general acceptance of those who should have been helping was that it was trouble brewing. Ambulances were turned away and told they weren't needed - can you imagine!! That's what's so hard to accept. And no-one really has ever been held accountable. Yes, changes were made, but no-one was ever made to stand up and be counted! The Sun ought to make very interesting reading today, as it was responsible for the most contemptable journalism ever at the time.

I'm sorry - I wasn't going to say all that but I still feel so very angry about it all.

What an emotional day today will be, for families, friends, fans, anyone who was involved on that fateful day. I remember where I was and what I was doing at the time as clearly as I remember yesterday.

God Bless. You'll Never Walk Alone!


Paula said...

It still makes me so sad and angry to remember Hillsborough. At the time I went to see Celtic play a lot and the thought of how it happened upset me a lot. I too remember where I was when it happened. My cousin is a Liverpool supporter and lives in Southport and she lost a friend that day. She came up just after to visit us and came along to the Celtic & Liverpool fundraising game at Celtic Park for the Hillsborough families which was so emotional.
Hugs to you and everyone affected.

gilraen said...

I too will never forget where I was that day. It still makes me go cold at the thought of it and the tragic losses!!