Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fibrefest 2009

What a wonderful day I had yesterday. Mr A and I chose to spend our 28th Wedding Anniversary doing entirely different things - he went off to watch his beloved Shrews play football, I went down to Fibrefest for the day.

I needed to deliver the FCS for p/hop, and I had also promised to help my friend Juliet of Artists Palette Yarns on her stall so I was looking forward to a day with a difference.

Fibrefest is held biennially at the wonderful setting of Coldharbour Mill. It's hard to imagine a lovelier place to visit, and who would know that the M5 is just 10 minutes away - it's another world altogether.

I love festivals such as Fibrefest as it gives the opportunity to discover vendors one wouldn't normally see. This stall for example, Atomic Knitting, featured some of the most imaginative stitch markers I have come across for a long time.

And there is always spinning to see of course :-)

Here are Anni and Simon of Yarn Addict. It was lovely to catch up with Anni again, and see her lovely shawls in person, especially the new Trinity Shawls.

And here is the p/hop Knitting Emporium looking suitably busy.

And forgive this little indulgence, but here's the FCS I showed you in my previous post. I feel quite maternal about these shawls, and I'm hoping it is won by someone who will look after and appreciate it.

Here are the lovely yarns on the Artists Palette stall. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my day - or how exhausting it was! I am full of renewed admiration for all vendors, thay have much more stamina than I do!

Even the car parking was picuresque yesterday :-)

And finally, my purchases. Two balls of Peaches and Creme from First 4 Yarns

This wonderful yarn from The Thylacine

And this from The Old Piggery

Fibrefest was a truly wonderful day out, and I will certainly go again the next time. I met so many old friends, and even cyberfriends for the first time, and although I am shattered this morning it was worth every single minute :-)


franney said...

What a beautiful setting, so glad you enjoyed your day out Joy x

Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for pics of Fibrefset I so wish we could have gone and that it was on every year too :(
I LOVE Artist Pallet Yarns and I bought some at Wonderwool . You bought some yummy yarns too I see ;)
Oh and a Happy Anniversary to you both too :0

Paula said...

It looked like a lovely day.

Tamsyn said...

Lovely pics, you"ve captured the event brilliantly. My small lens broke so I did not manage to get any pics of the exhibitors and all the wonderful yarn.

Anni said...

Lovely pics and you're spot on that it's exhausting for vendors. I'm totally shattered. Love your FC. Had hoped to get over to the p/hop stand on Sunday but Simon didn't like me leaving him for too long at a time and it was the other end of the site.

And it was lovely to meet you again.

Tanya said...

What a fantastic day you've had there! Beautifully picturesque venue - just perfect. Your photos really tell a good story. I bet the recipient of the FCS is most thrilled.

Linda said...

It all looks wonderful. One day I will go!

BarbSz said...


Cat said...

Hi, I found your blog via someone else who went to fiberfest, I'm glad I did- your pictures are beautiful! It looks like a really fun event, and I'm sure whoever took your shawl home can't believe their luck!
Cat x