Monday, November 2, 2009

A Brief Update

I haven't updated my blog for such a long time, for which I'm very sorry. I did manage to load a few photos from the I Knit Weekend but that sadly was as far as it got. Which is a shame, it was a wonderful couple of days which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I'm only hear today by virtue of being at home nursing a chest infection ( and feeling pretty rubbish to boot ) but I do intend to try to start blogging again soon because it's something I enjoy.

One of the reasons for my prolonged absence is that my mother has been in hospital for almost 9 weeks. Sadly, she won't be able to return to her own home, and I am currently looking into Nursing Home care locally to me for her. This has come at a time when I have started a new job ( no more nights, yay ) which I am thoroughly enjoying but is a bit of a learning curve and is taking some adapting to, so all in all life is a little testing at present to say the least.

So while I am not giving up blogging, it's just on hold for a little while. Please bear with me, I'll be back when I can.


missmalice said...

love and hugs. Have missed your posts but take your time to set up your mom near you. And enjoy the excitement of a new job - pretty soon you'll be an old hand at it! :)

Linda said...

Take care and get well soon. There are so many chest infections around here at the moment too.
I iwll be here to see your news when you come back. xx

Carol said...

Hi, sorry about your Mom. This is my first time here and you are truly an artist of yarn. I could only dream of doing what you do. I'm still at the scarf stage, just a piece of flat material. Haven't even attempted a sock! Blessings to you. Carol

gilraen said...

I too am so sorry about your mum Joy. I have been out of the loop to miss this. I continue to add you and yours to my prayers. Talk to you soon :)