Thursday, April 5, 2007

Easter Greetings

It's been a quiet time for me in Blogland recently - mainly because Real Life has been particularly hectic and stressful. Never mind, another Bank Holiday weekend is upon us which means my working all the hours God sends as usual, although I am managing lunch out this Sunday with SIL and BIL.

I wish I could show you some knitting progress, but sadly there isn't any. I HAVE however been cross stitching, I can't show you 'cos it's for cyber friend by way of a thank you, but I can't tell you how therapeutically relaxing it has been.

The knits are another "family heirloom" knitted by my mum when she still remembered how to knit, bless her!

A happy and peaceful Easter weekend to you all.


gilraen said...

They are lovely Easter Knits.

Don't work too hard.........:)

Knitbert said...

I love those knitted Easter goodies. And I am very pleased to know someone else who is just knitting along at her own pace!

Christina said...

Happy Easter. lovely knitted easter goodies!!

blog-blethers said...

What cherished knits from your mum and lovely that they are part of family celebrations. I think our knitting progress is on a par at the moment ... but, it is meant to be relaxing, isn't it? Glad you are enjoying cross stitch at the mo ... I have 3 beautiful but large one's to start, all based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh themes. However, I think they may be saved for my retirement at the rate I'm going!!

nanatoo said...

I'm sure I remember your heirloom from last year, time flies! Happy Easter to you too :)