Sunday, April 29, 2007

Three Wishes

Better late than never I suppose - I've been procrastinating for a couple of weeks over this post for the Crafty Treads n Yarns blogroll. Making a wish sounds the easiest thing in the world till you actually THINK about it - then to make THREE wishes - and remain apolitical and non-controversial - is very hard.

On general terms - I would so like everyone just to be able to have a decent stab at this life of ours. Some people are so disadvantaged, through no fault of their own, that I marvel how they get through the day, and I don't just mean in Third World Countries or War Zones either. Poor health and lack of a good education is rife much closer to home, so my first wish would be for folk wherever and whoever they are to be able to lead a "good" life.

Which leads me onto my second wish. Health and Education. I won't elaborate save to say the two go hand in IMO and we seem to have a whole generation in this country who expect a "qick fix" for everything and have lost the ability to think for themselves.

Finally - I'm so happy with my life at present and so lucky - apart from bloody Alzheimers and what it's doing to MIL and FIL - if I could wish to turn the clock back I would - but failing that and a "cure" I'd just like life to continue pretty much as it is at present.

I'm sorry to have rambled here - thinking about this post has been really challenging.


Auntie Noo said...

It's been such a hard post hasn't it? I love yours though - No 2 is a definite *nodding in agreement* for me!

Jacquie said...

Great wishes! This has been hard, but I think between us we have put most of the world to rights.

Thanks for participating in the Blog-a-long watch out for May's theme soon.

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Knitbert said...

Oh I so agree with your second point - and then when I meet and talk to DDs and DSs friends I feel that not all that generation is like that, and there is still so much hope for the world.

I will keep my fingers crossed for your third wish!