Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Alan Johnston

As I'm sure you all know by now, Alan Johnston has been released from captivity, and it is the best news I've heard for yonks! I shall have a big smile on my face all day.

I'm very very pleased and relieved for Alan and his family, and I hope he gets some time and space to recover some semblance of normality.


Jo028 said...

It was nice to wake up to good news for a change. Glad he's safe & sound.

gilraen said...

I agree with Jo. It's great to get good news, for a change :D

Piglottie said...

Such wonderful news Joy! And like you, I hope he manages to get some peace and quiet to recover from his ordeal. But what a truly humble and modest man!

katie said...

I too have this big smile - it has been a long 114 days - so glad it is over
AND - I went to woolfest too - I had no idea the place was crawling with bloggers - I am finding them all by blog hopping!
Take care