Monday, July 9, 2007

Le Tour de France

Le Prologue

Isn't summer wonderful! So much to keep me entertained now I have no football to watch. There's England's mixed fortunes against the Windies, (cricket for the uninitiated) The Grass Court season culminating in Wimbledon - did you Rafa glisten yesterday - and now, to entertain and inspire us all, the Tour de France. Oh, how fabulous. I just love the tour, we were even lucky enought to see a stage in France one year while on holiday.

This year The Tour kicked off in London which was marvellous. Natalie alerted us on the Crafty Threads 'n' Yarns board to the existance of the Tour de France KAL and I just HAD to join in. I may not have (Super) Mario Cipollini or Abdoujaparov ( what a sad end to a career ) to cheer on any more, but there are BRITS though who knows for how long.

I have a Maillot Vert in the KAL, competing for fastest "finisher". Well that's a laugh, I seem to have been at work ALL weekend, and due to staff sickness this included both a morning shift then a night shift Sunday so maybe slowest starter would be more appropriate.

With Many apologies to Susan Pierce Lawrence I am knitting a Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl which for the duration of the Tour I shall be referring to as a Forest Canapé. Watch this space, who knows I may actually start something! Bon chance mes amies! There will be much "Ah non, je me suis lache une maille" which roughly translated means "oh buggrit I have dropped a stitch"

Here are some photos that DS1 took on Saturday, He was on the edge of Hyde Park, and had a fab day.

And now, as someone once said, for something completely different. I can kill a flowering plant just by looking at it! So what is so special about this phalaenopsis? I'll tell you what - it's last years!!!!! And for the very first time I have a phalaenopsis flowering for a second time. It's a miracle! It was a Silver Wedding present last year and I am thrilled that it it flowering again.


Piglottie said...

LOL Joy! Forest Canapé - inspired :) Good luck in the Tour. I shall be cheering from the sidelines. Am tres sad that Wimbledon has finished though :(

LadybirdLinz said...

ROFL!!!!! love the 'Forest Canapé'

I can't find the accent 'e':(

Actually, i'm not sporty at all but I have watched more tennis this year than ever before...and it was due to the rain lol
We lost every other signal on the telly!!!

Susan said...

Bonne chance, et bon courage!


Christina said...

LOL - you and your jokes!!! The FCS is looking great so far, I love the colour. Nice photos your DS took there, lucky him. ;)

I'm not sure who to support either, cos my favourites were lance, ullrich and basso!!!