Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the Winner is........

Linda :-)

The draw took place at 2:00 am, and was drawn by my friend Sheridan. She said it was her pleasure to be asked to pick a name out of the chocolate mug!!

Linda - congratulations. I shall pop it in the post.

Nothing else to report - work has been and gone, miraculously they had survived for three weeks without me ;-)

I was told I looked rested and well, and someone even remarked on my delicate tan which was achieved by two weeks of liberal applications of factor 50 and every square inch of shade that I could find ;-)

Tuesday was a treat. After my chiropractic appointment I went down to The Knitting Parlour, where I had arranged to meet a blogging friend Wye Sue. Now Sue and I have met in Harrogate, London, Builth Wells, Woolfest, you name it everywhere except Malvern

We spent a very pleasant couple of hours at The Knitting Parlour sitting knitting in the window, then went to Ask for a meal followed by Knit and Natter at the pub!

Sue and I are going to "An Evening with Amy Butler" this coming Monday which the Parlour has organised - a bargain at £5:00 a ticket.

I bought some yarn for a very special project ( but it's a secret for now ) and some sock yarn from a very local dyer Artist's Palette

I am doomed......................

Sue also brought her extensive shawl pattern range with her and we chose a pattern - Luna Moth - and I not only crocheted a provisional cast on, I knitted the first fourteeen charted rows too. There's hope yet ................................

Congratulations Linda once again!


LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

Congratulations Linda...i'm only one shade greener than my combats! ;) lol

I'm getting all intrigued about 'special projects' aand can't wait to see how you get on with Lunamoth's a lovely pattern.

Kathryn said...

Congratulations to Linda!

I'm very envious of your evening with Amy Butler and look forward to hearing all about it!!

Linda said...

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I'm so excited to have won the FCS! It's beautiful and I can't wait to see it IRL. :0)

Thank you Joy!!

And enjoy your evening with Amy Butler - I'm so jealous. :0)

gilraen said...

Congratulations Linda!! Have a great night at the Amy Butler night Joy :)