Friday, August 22, 2008

It's my Anniversary :-)

Today is my 27th Wedding Anniversary, goodness, I have been married for over half of my life!!!!!!!!!! I have absolutely no idea where the years have gone. I have three beautiful children, and Mr A isn't too bad either ;-)

It was a VERY windy day and after an age of getting things just right my veil blew right off my head when I left the house! Dad and the photographer did their best, but I had absolutely no idea what I looked like when I arrived at the church.

I thought I'd share one or two photos with you. Here I am with dad. Do you know, he passed away some seventeen years ago now, yet not a day goes by where I don't think about him.

The flowers are awful aren't they? Silk flowers were de rigeur back in 1981 and I do still have them of course, but don't they look dated.

The rest are all self explanatory really.

I don't remember ever being so young!

MIL and FIL to the left, mum and dad to the right.

I like this one in the car on the way to the reception. Five minutes peace and quiet on our own :-)


LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

Happy Anniversary Joy and Mr A (I wonder if Mr A wonders why we call him that?).

What lovely photographs! You both look so happy togather and I know you still do :D

pictish said...

All just lovely!!! Thanks for sharing them with us Joy and hope you both have a great day!!!

Curly Cable said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Have a lovely day. Thank you for sharing your pics, you really do make a lovely couple.

Lobug said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Congratulations on 27 years! The pictures are lovely- and I see nothing wrong with the flowers. I wish I had thought to have silk flowers so I could keep them. :)

Holly said...

I wish you an entire lifetime more filled with happiness and joy.

Thank you for sharing all these photos.

ambermoggie said...

happy anniversary Joy and Mr A:) Here's to the next 27 years:)

gilraen said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You look so happy :)

I hope you have as many happy years ahead of you :)

Lin said...

Biggest congratulations to you both! Your wedding pictures are so nice.
Lin x

blog-blethers said...

Hope you had a special day ... Congratulations to you and MrA!

kathryn said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!

It was so nice to see your photos.

Do you know just two days before - the 21st in fact - was our 39th anniversary!! And we had both forgotten - not that the 21st was our day but that then was the 21st. Anyway serendipitously we'd booked a restaurant meal and so we celebrated anyway.

BarbSz said...

Congratulations, love the photos. The flowers are cool (I had some very close to that back in 84)