Friday, September 19, 2008

An Error of Judgement.

Posting on my blog yesterday was probably not the most sensible thing to do! I wasn't thinking clearly and should have known better.

It's amazing what can happen on a blog in a few hours, and I have decided, rightly or wrongly, that in order to stop things escalating completely out of control it would be best just to delete the posts and comments.

I'd like to thank ( almost ) each and every one of you for your generous and positive comments.

You are ( nearly all ) lovely :-)

And I am sorry to say that comment moderation is back "on".


Janice said...

Going to keep this short....{{{HUGS}}}

gilraen said...

You are and always will be a lady!! :)

Another {{hug}}}

Melody said...

My comment moderation is always ON!!

Hugs too,


Rhian said...

I must agree with gilraen's comment. You have a lot of class. :)

ambermoggie said...

Gilraen has it to a T, you are a lady Joy

Anni said...

I hope you didn't get any nasty comments. And being very nosy, I'd dyeing to know what the post was. Although if it attracted nasty remarks then deleting it was a good idea. I always have comment moderation on now. I learnt the hard way!