Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sir Duke

Yesterday evening Mr A and I went to see Stevie Wonder at the NIA in Birmingham. Truth to tell I had forgotten we were going as so much seems to have been happening lately one way or another.

When Mr A and I met we had in excess of 300 albums between us, and only two of them were duplicated in the entire collection. One was Innervisions, you will never guess in a million years what the other one was because I still can't believe I bought it! (answer at the end of the post)

Mr A doesn't really enjoy live music, he prefers the purity of studio sound, so he and I going to a gig together is a very rare occasion. So we decided to make an afternoon of it and have a lovely walk around the canal network which runs behind the NIA. Obviously I couldn't take photos in the concert itself, so took a few outside of a part of Birmingham that many visitors don't see.

We then had a lovely meal out prior to the concert, which I think it is fair to say that Mr A enjoyed far more than I did.


Auntie Noo said...

What's wrong with Bridge over Troubled Water - I was brought up on a saturation diet of S&G?! Glad you had a good day

fran said...

I'm another Simon and Garfunkle fan i'm afraid, and i just love that particular album, although ihave to say i haven't had it in my posession for some years now, i may have to poke about on Itunes for it ;o)
Glad you enjoyed your concert :o)

gilraen said...

Bridge over Troubled Water was my mum's favourite song :)

You look very trim in the lovely white shirt! :)

A lovely evening! :)

Alison Boon said...

Beautiful photos. So jealous that you got to see and hear Yarn Harlot. HAve been doing some research into those waves myself.

kathryn said...

That part of Birmingham has changed beyond all recognition over the last twenty years - and more! Lovely photos.