Thursday, May 17, 2007

Daemons and Wizards

No - it's not Uriah Heep - hands up who remembers though - but Daemons from the wonderful world of Philip Pullman. Although I am not sure if I can bring myself to watch a film called The Golden Compass - even if that IS what "Northern Lights" was published as in the States, and not sure at all if I should break my rule about watching films of brilliant books in case the brilliant book is spoiled forever, but I was curious to know what my daemon might be. I think I'm pleased with the result.

I was lucky enough to have seen this performed on stage at The National Theatre and found the books fascinating. Here's a link to the film The Golden Compass

Apologies for two posts in one day!

Eta - My daemon has changed 8 times now - I've been a snow leopard, a wolf, an eagle, a tiger and now a ladybird amongst others!

But only one comment other than mine on the post..........


nanatoo said...

*hands up*

The PP books are among my DH and my faves of all time, how lucky to see the play.

By the way Joy, I DO have a soup dragon, seeing as you ask, lol.

Aknita said...

Oh brilliant - and I may be about to become the owner of a knitting granny myself very soon if that's ok ;).

One of these days I will do a blog post about Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate - I will never ever forget Noggin the Nog and that mesmerising voice.

gilraen said...

Joy mine was a lovely Tiger, but the email giving me the code disappeared!

I loved these books ans am looking forward to seeing how they manage the story. :)

Knitbert said...

My daemon is a tiger too Joy, but with slightly different characteristics and a different name.
I very much enjoyed these books by Philip Pullman, what interested me was the theory behind the books and how he has interpreted it.

I hope they will be able to capture the atmosphere in the film - and maybe they will rename the film for the European market?

kathryn said...

I loved His Dark Materials and have had to reread it more than once. Philip Pullman certainly gives you something to think about. I'm so looking forward to the film.

My daemon is a snow leopard.