Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Morning After the Night Before

Oh well, it wasn't to be. 2:1 to Milan, and just like two years ago the best team didn't win. Ah well that's football!

Today though I am feeling distinctly unwell. And I don't think it is alcohol induced either. My legs ache and I have very little energy at all. I'm a bit light headed too. I think it's a bit of what DS had the other day.

I've finally finished the back of Bob having frogged the first 3 balls knitted. I have decided to make this a back and front knit rather than knit it in the round. I have had far too many knots ( 11 in 5 balls at the last count, one of which wasn't even a knot, it was two loose ends ) so joining all of these in "in the round" was just so noticeable - well to me anyway.

I'm still not sure I shall like this - I'm hoping my knitting will appear neater when I have washed the finished article. At the moment it's looking a tad uneven to say the least. And I didn't use the frogged yarn on the Stocking Stitch bit in case you were wondering, I used those up in the ribbed bits.

I'm back off to bed.

Before I go I should tell you about the Who gig shouldn't I. Let me tell you there's no band quite like The Who live, they are STILL magnificent, loud and irreverent. That was my eighth time of seeing them over four decades, and I shall never ever tire of seeing them. DS slept all the way there and all the way home, but managed to enjoy the gig itself.


Auntie Noo said...

I do hope you feel better after some rest, and sorry about the footie :(

Piglottie said...

Hope you feel better soon Joy and commiseratons on the football.

The yarn you are using sounds like a complete nightmare - is it Rowan or something else? You have my complete sympathies as it would drive me mad!

gilraen said...

I'm GUTTED too Joy. No wonder you don't feel well..............I hope it is very short lived. :)

Badger said...


Jo028 said...

Sorry about the match :( . I hope Bob works out for you. I want to make this & will also be doing it in 2 pieces as I'm in-the-round-phobic!